Cooperation for achieving third country nationals’ financial independence through financial literacy tools and entrepreunership bootcamps

The aim of PLOUTOS is to enhance the financial literacy, business language, and digital abilities of Third Country Nationals (TCNs). The project will provide them with access to financial services and self-employment professional community interpreting skills. Through PLOUTOS activities, participants will gain familiarity with the country’s financial landscape, as well as its legal and economic context and will be able to manage and monitor their savings, access bank in a safe and timely way and request a microloan among other things. 

TCNs will be able to evaluate their personal and professional situations and find new career paths as a result of their new knowledge. 

PLOUTOS will facilitate TCNs’ access to financial services through language and community interpreting courses, entrepreneurship and financial literacy training, and innovative technological tools especially designed for TCNs.

Future Needs will lead the “Practice Business” Acceleration Programme. The “Practice Business” is a simulated company operated by trainees that functions similarly to an actual business. It is the ideal framework to train and evaluate professional skills and the so-called soft skills which can be developed while learners “work”. The main goal of “Practice Businesses” is to help learners integrate better into the labour market. The training program will be piloted in Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy and Belgium.

A “Practice Business” is a training ground for entrepreneurial thinking and action”

Finally, PLOUTOS is meant to solve a number of challenges that TCNs experience on a daily basis and affect their working life and career opportunities. These issues including the limited access to financial services, no understanding of the financial landscape and lack of financial literacy. As a result TCNS have low workplace confidence.

PLOUTOS seeks to ensure that TCNs become productive members that contribute to society and thus promote the welfare and growth of the area they live in.”

The project has received funding from the AMIF 2021 Programme. Call: AMIF-2020-AG-CALL-02: Reducing obstacles and promoting access to basic services for third-country nationals

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