Just as U-space has specifically been designed as an enabling framework to facilitate scalable VLOS and BVLOS drone operations in even the most congested airspaces and over all types of environments, the BURDI project has been specifically designed to enable a speedy yet all-encompassing real live reference implementation of this U-space framework in Belgium, endorsed by one of its neighboring countries. The project will be implemented mainly around the three main civil controlled airports in Belgium: Brussels, Antwerp and Liège, complemented with a zone East of Antwerp currently tagged as Helicopter Training Area.

Duration:                        33 months, 01/10/22- 01/07/25
Funded under:              Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)
Overall budget:            € 9 886 709
Website:                          BURDI



Viticulture worldwide faces a dual challenge: the effects of the Climate Change (CC) and the preparation of vine growers to employ new technological solutions to face the upcoming changes and emerging needs. Interactions between plant resistance traits and abiotic stress tolerance may represent the most substantial impact of climate change on plant productivity. Furthermore a study of Eurostat reveals that 67% of the pesticides in Europe are used in viticulture. This is where SmartVitiNet comes in, to offer solutions for precision viticulture that can be an alternative, ensuring continued crop health monitoring, timely and targeted interventions. SmartVitiNet stands for Smart and Sustainable Drone-assisted Viticulture Excellence Network.

Duration:                        01/11/2022 – 01/11/2025
Funded under:              ERDF I3
Overall budget:            € 1 983 443
Website:                          SmartVitiNet


The aim of PLOUTOS is to enhance the financial literacy, business language, and digital abilities of Third Country Nationals (TCNs). PLOUTOS – which belongs to EU funded projects – will provide them with access to financial services and self-employment professional community interpreting skills. Through PLOUTOS activities, participants will gain familiarity with the country’s financial landscape, as well as its legal and economic context and will be able to manage and monitor their savings, access bank in a safe and timely way and request a microloan among other things. 

Duration:                        01/01/2022 – 01/01/2025
Funded under:              AMIF Programme
Overall budget:            € 1 664 545
Website:                          PLOUTOS



The project LEAD-Online addresses young people, teachers and media professionals and their ability to think critically and be media literate when it comes to dealing with the problem of hate speech online (HSO). LEAD-Online belongs to EU funded projects.

Duration:                        1/3/2022 – 28/2/2024
Funded under:              CERV
Overall budget:            € 592 455
Website:                          LEAD-Online
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