Third Transnational Meeting of the UAMschool4cites Project in Limassol, Cyprus by Future Needs


The 3rd Transnational Project Meeting of the Erasmus+ UAMschool4cities project is currently taking place, at the premises of Ajax Hotel, in Limassol, Cyprus, hosted by Future Needs. The meeting is marking the conclusion of a significant phase of the project and serves as an excellent opportunity for partners from different sectors to come together and evaluate the progress made so far and chart out the tasks that are yet to be accomplished.

During the two-day meeting, a variety of critical subjects and future needs are meticulously dissected and discussed. Chief among these topics is the development of an occupation profile for a Drone Expert, a vital aspect under review for its role in boosting UAM awareness and education. Concurrently, discussions surrounding the Training Needs Assessment (TNA) reporting and conducting a current needs analysis to unearth skill mismatches in UAM are taking place, as these areas are essential in spotlighting potential growth sectors in UAM. A significant part of the agenda is devoted to the creation of a Training Course for the “UAM for Cities Certificate”, which is central to the project’s pledge to provide comprehensive education in urban air mobility. This entails in-depth discussions about the course’s structure, content, pedagogical approach, and potential educators. In parallel, the consortium is engaged in devising a Training Programme for the “UAM for Cities Certificate”. This collaborative effort focuses on the most effective translation of the project’s mission into an instructive, engaging, and enlightening curriculum, intended to arm participants with the necessary skills to adeptly manoeuvre the complexities of UAM in urban environments.

From our side, we are extensively discussing the submission of the key deliverable, “Initial Occupational Profile”, which is a document that Future Needs significantly contributes. We are also focusing on the ongoing development of the MOOC platform, a critical digital tool for broad-scale education dissemination. In addition, we’re delving into the progress of one specific module of the course, underscoring Future Needs’ considerable contribution to its development. Beyond these individual tasks, we are taking stock of the work that’s being accomplished overall in terms of the project results.

As the meeting approaches its successful conclusion, it allows participants to reconnect and form new alliances. Nestled in the beautiful city of Limassol, the event combines intense deliberations with the charm of the location. With anticipation for the next meeting already brewing, it’s time for all to resume work, as the project’s most exciting aspects lie ahead!
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