The LEAD-Online local trainings in Cyprus are officially complete!

April 19, 2023

The LEAD-Online local trainings in Cyprus are officially complete!


The past weeks, Future Needs organised four local trainings on countering hate speech online in collaboration with several organizations in Cyprus under the scope of the LEAD-Online Project. 

The local trainings of the LEAD-Online Project focused on digital literacy and critical thinking. They aimed to help participants recognize and counter hate speech online. The activities performed gave participants the chance to explore the premises for making decisions about what is hate speech, and whether and how to respond to it.

The first training of the LEAD-Online Project was held in a local primary school with the help of the teacher Panagiota Panagiotou. The second one was in collaboration with the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute with the help of Elena Papamichael and was directed to high school and junior high school teachers. The third one was held at the University of Cyprus with the help of Katerina Nicolaou and the audience was undergraduate students from the School of Journalism. The fourth one was organised with Eikona Zois NGO with the unique contribution of Dorita Markantoni.

The local trainings are completed with a big success. On four different dates, we managed to have more than eighty participants in total. 

To keep up with our activities regarding hate speech online follow the channels of LEAD-Online project in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
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