Kick-off meeting of the RefMap project in Stockholm, Sweden


The kick-off meeting of our Horizon-funded RefMap project, took place in Stockholm, Sweden on March 14th and 15th, hosted by KTH, project’s coordinator. RefMap officially started on February 1st, 2023 and it will last until January 2026. The mission of RefMap project is to develop a digital service aimed at quantifying the environmental footprints of air mobility for airliners and unmanned aircraft systems to minimise their environmental impact in a wide range of communities.

We lead all branding, dissemination and clustering activities and also the “Development of the RefMap services and the new European businesses they enable” work package which focuses on:

  • Validating the potential of RefMap analytics, simulations and platform and define the MVP based on user needs
  • Defining and validating the new business models that the RefMap analytics will enable.

We are really excited to work on RefMap and develop business models for new aviation products and services.
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