Kick-off meeting of the BURDI project in Brussels, Belgium


On November the 4th we had the pleasure to participate in the kick-off meeting of the BURDI project, which stands for Belgium – Netherlands U-space Reference Design Implementation, hosted at the premises of Skeyes, the project coordinator. During this event, partners and other interested parties have been presented with the objectives and expected results of the BURDI project, in the presence of key industry players.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Cengiz Ari, SESAR Joint Undertaking U-space programme manager, who shortly presented the vision and the future of SESAR JU and the European U-Space, as well as representatives of CINEA who shed some light on the financial part of the project and some of the funding oppurtunities to come.

In general, it was a short but packed kick-off meeting, that gave us the opportunity to finally meet in person, and marked the beginning of an extremely interesting and important European U-Space project. We look forward to meeting again and discussing BURDI’s progress in the near future.
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