TANGO project addresses today’s issue of digital data overflow among companies, organizations and citizens often leading to intellectual property theft and breach of peoples’ personal information. The associated costs related to citizens’ privacy both from the users’ side and the organizations side are huge, creating an imperative need for digital solutions that will ensure users privacy. TANGO proposes a fair and greener way to store and manage data with security and trust being at its core.

Duration:                        3 years
Funded under:              Horizon Europe
Overall budget:            € 10 999 984
Website:                          TANGO



Reconmatic project focuses on all life cycle stages in the construction industry and aims to provide automation and digitalisation solutions for a sustainable and circular construction and demolition waste management. The imperativeness of the project comes after staggering evidence that the construction industry is the main consumer of mineral and other non-renewable resources in the EU and generates about 35.7% (2018) of the total waste in the European Union.

Duration:                        01/06/2022 – 01/06/2026
Funded under:              Horizon Europe
Overall budget:            €  8 593 969
Website:                          RECONMATIC


The vision of SAFIR-Med project is to demonstrate ways to achieve safe, sustainable, socially accepted and socially beneficial urban air mobility which will contribute to the EU healthcare system, by ensuring that future generations will continue to democratically have access to the best cure and care. SAFIR-Med belongs to EU funded projects.

Duration:                        01/12/2020 – 30/11/2022
Funded under:              EC H2020
Overall budget:            € 2 725 120
Website:                          SAFIR-Med


Oenobotics services will be delivered to customers, such as vineyard farmers or associations, via a hardware-as-a-service business model, supporting them to avoid significant initial investment costs. The Oenobotics hardware and software will also be available to drone companies and interested farmers as an off-the-shelf product. The solution addresses the needs of wine-producing vineyards located in remote sloppy elevated locations that are hard to reach with any machinery. Oenobotics belongs to EU funded projects.

Duration:                        01/09/2021 – 30/01/2023
Funded under:              H2020
Overall budget:            € 500 000
Website:                          Oenobotics



The ENTRUST project aims to provide an end-to-end trust management system for medical devices. The project will leverage a series of breakthrough solutions to enhance assurance without limiting the applicability of connected medical devices by enclosing them to cyber security features.  The project will introduce a novel remote attestation mechanism to ensure the device’s correct operation at runtime regardless of its computational power. 

Duration:                       01/01/2023 – 31/12/2025
Funded under:             Horizon Europe
Overall budget:           €  5 999 046
Website:                         ENTRUST


HiDALGO2 aims to explore synergies between modelling, data acquisition, simulation, data analysis and visualisation along with achieving better scalability on current and future HPC and AI infrastructures to deliver highly-scalable solutions that can effectively utilise pre-exascale systems. The project focuses on five use cases from the environmental area: improving air quality in urban agglomerations, energy efficiency of buildings, renewable energy sources, wildfires and meteo-hydrological forecasting.

Duration:                       4 years
Funded under:             Horizon Europe
Overall budget:            € 5 999 400
Website:                          HiDALGO2



The mission of RefMap is to develop a digital service aimed at quantifying the environmental footprints of air mobility for airliners and UAS at a “multi-scale” level where single-trajectories (micro) and the flow traffic of multiple vehicles (macro) are optimised to minimise the environmental impact in communities. RefMap investigates how the aviation business models will be affected by the availability of environmental data for each type and route of air vehicle, as this will enable stricter evidence-based green policy making in the sector. This will be achieved via the development of the RefMap analytics platform processing environmental and weather data such as wind, noise, CO2 and non-CO2 emissions for both U-space and ATM and the development of new aviation.

Duration:                        3 years
Funded under:              Horizon Europe
Overall budget:            €  4 034 527
Website:                          RefMap



ImAFUSA stands for Impact and capacity Assessment Framework for U-space societal Acceptance and it is a HORIZON and SESAR project that focuses on evaluating factors that influence citizens’ acceptance of UAM in urban areas. The project aims to deliver a framework that will help Local Authorities and other U-space stakeholders and users with the delivery of socially acceptable and beneficial UAM deployment in cities.

Duration:                       2.5 years
Funded under:            SESAR 3 JU
Overall budget:           € 877 207,50
Website:                         ImAFUSA



AI4Lungs will develop and validate AI-based tools and computational models for improving patient stratification in the diagnosis and treatment of both infectious and non-infectious respiratory diseases. This project will streamline into existing clinical pathways to assist clinicians and stakeholders in decision-making from initial suspicion to diagnosis and treatment planning. Its scalable design will connect patients to a European network, optimising healthcare resources and reducing unnecessary testing and treatment costs. Focusing on respiratory diseases, AI4Lungs combines AI with real-world data for holistic disease modelling, improving resource allocation and making superior treatment options more accessible, all while complying with FAIR principles and adhering to relevant regulatory and ethical guidelines.

Duration:                      01/01/2024 – 01/06/2027
Funded under:            Horizon Europe
Overall budget:           € 6 937 771.25
Website:                         AI4LUNGS
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