GreenPosts Learning, Teaching, Training activity in Zagreb, Croatia


As part of the Erasmus+ project GreenPosts, a three-day learning/training/teaching activity was held in Zagreb from January 30th to February 1st , 2023, organised and moderated by Croatian Post. Twenty-one employees from the Croatian, Greek, Bulgarian and Cypriot post offices and Future Needs, partners in the project, participated in this activity. After the training, the participants became “green” ambassadors who will pass on what they have learned to employees and colleagues and encourage them to take action aimed at achieving the common European goal of reducing the negative impact on the environment and climate.

On the first day of the training, the participants were introduced to the content of the European Green Deal and examples of its implementation in Croatian Post. Then the members of the GreenPosts project team from Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia and Cyprus presented to the participants a module with 9 lessons, i.e. a course that they developed in the first year of the project. Nine lessons were developed in accordance with the 9 pillars of the European Green Deal. A free discussion followed, during which the participants of the education asked the authors of the lessons questions either about the content itself or about the way of creating educational materials.

On the second day of the training, Future Needs presented a Virtual Think Tank, i.e. a virtual room where all those interested will be able to talk, discuss, ask questions or exchange their ideas related to the implementation of the European Green Deal. It is also part of the e-learning platform where the course consisting of one module with 9 lessons will be uploaded. As a check of the successfully completed course, a knowledge test was designed after each lesson. The Virtual Think Tank is part of the official website of the project and access is provided to all interested parties after registration. After the presentation of the VTT, the participants were divided into working groups with specific tasks for the analysis of UPU’s best “green” practices.

Later on, a short knowledge test was held from the 9 lessons presented the previous day. The representative of Croatian Post also presented a draft guide for teachers as a tool for project participants who will encourage the implementation of European Green Deal measures through employees in their organisations.

On the third day of the training, the participants were given a tour of the Croatian post’s new sorting centre, and on that occasion, a worker from the Department of Occupational Safety, Fire Protection and Ecology at the Croatian Post showed them on the spot how waste management works at the Croatian Post. The participants were shown the electric charger stations as well as how the sorting plant functions in terms of green and sustainable. In the end, the learning/training/teaching activity was evaluated, that is, the participants gave feedback on the three working days spent in Zagreb.
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