Green Artivism Pilot Day of the projects’ 4 tools


Our Pilot Testing Day of the 4 tools of the  #Erasmusplus Project Green Artivism in Cyprus took place online on 10/11/22. 

Four staff members, Lina Giannivasili, Theodora Papanikolaou, Georgia Nikolakopoulou and Myrto Giotakou presented analytically the function of the 4 tools, the video essay, social media storytelling, crowd creative urban design and anthotypes together with the camera obscura. 

Along with some theory on the tools, real examples were showcased together with real time use of the tools online (e.g. Miro platform) and also step by step guidelines of how to “visualize the change we want to see” with the creation of anthotypes and the use of the camera obscura. 


Participants gave their feedback by completing the questionnaires provided by us during the Pilot Testing Day. 

What’s more, the students from Olympion School in Cyprus, who participated in the Pilot Day have already created an art work inspired from our project and they will create more art work using the anthotypes tool for their Christmas bazaar. We want to thank everyone for their participation and we wish we gave them inspiration and ideas for their future actions.  

The 4 tools of the project are uploaded on the Green Artivism’s website, with downloadable explanatory pdfs and videos. You are very welcome to test these tools and send us your opinion by using the contact form on the project’s website. Stay tuned at Future Needs’ social media channels for new information!
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