ENTRUST 2nd Plenary Meeting


The 2nd Plenary Meeting for the ENTRUST project took place in Eindhoven on December 5-6, 2023, bringing together all project partners and marking a significant step forward in realising the project’s objectives. The two-day event comprised comprehensive discussions and presentations, with a primary focus on advancing the project’s technical aspects. Day one focused on evolving technical activities, reinforcing trust and privacy in connected medical devices (CMDs). On the second day, attention shifted towards exploring use cases and the testbed environment, discussing research in the integration stage, and outlining outreach and planning for capacity-building activities.

The team visiting the Royce Institute in Manchester

Future Needs, leading the Dissemination, Communication, Exploitation, and Impact Creation work package, played a pivotal role during the meeting of the ENTRUST project. During the meeting we presented the progress made until now regarding the communication and outreach of the project and the next campaigns that will be implemented in alignment with the project’s timeline. This update further emphasized the comprehensive nature of the gathering, highlighting not only technical advancements but also the strategic communication efforts crucial for the project’s success. 

The dynamic exchange of ideas and expertise showcased the dedication of all involved parties, solidifying the collaborative spirit towards groundbreaking achievements. The 2nd Plenary Meeting in Eindhoven stands as a testament to this shared commitment and sets the stage for further milestones in the project’s journey.

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