Automated solutions for sustainable and circular construction and demolition waste management

The ambition of RECONMATIC Project

RECONMATIC project aims to provide solutions that will be easily adoptable by all stakeholders involved in the processes of Construction & Demolition Waste Μanagement (CDW), in order to reach the expected future EU target of high CDW recovery (to be set by EC in 2024 or beyond) and most importantly the status of zero CDW by 2050. This is exactly the ambition of the RECONMATIC project, entirely in line with EU Waste Framework Directives (European Commission, 2019) and the Circular Economy Action Plan (European Union, 2020).

What does Future Needs lead?

Future Needs leads the dissemination and exploitation activities of the RECONMATIC project for business and education. We have created the project visual identity and applied it to the communication material we designed for it (website, brochure, social media, documents and presentation templates). We also develop the communication strategy of the RECONMATIC  project including one to enable cooperation with other projects and initiatives. Additionally, we will ensure the future exploitation and deployment of the project results and the continuation of the project research and innovation. Finally, we will lead the training activities for the relevant stakeholders and will share the knowledge and outputs of the project to the widest possible target users.

What kind of challenges does RECONMATIC Project face?

The “zero Construction & Demolition Waste Μanagement by 2050” goal faces major challenges that coincide with the ones of RECONMATIC:

  • Fragmentation of the construction sectors and lack of cooperation among the stakeholders.
  • Lack of consideration on how to minimise CDW during the whole life cycle of buildings and infrastructure.
  • Dislike for high-end technologies in the sector and reliance on human- operated machinery or manual work.
  • Slow implementation of digital solutions due to conservatism of both local authorities/investors and construction contractors.
  • Conflicts between legislation requirements and technology readiness of the sector resulting in confusion, and inertia against taking action towards zero waste.

Which are the main aims of the project?

First, the volume of materials entering the CDW stream has to be minimized and, secondly, CDW has to be treated and better controlled to provide materials for reuse of high value products, with traceability and quality assurance. The envisaged methods and tools will reconcile the different demands on technology, cost, health and safety, sustainability, legislation and business needs of all involved stakeholders. Having developed them, RECONMATIC will proactively disseminate the knowledge and best practice to help different stakeholders in different EU countries, the UK and China to take up the developed solutions of this project and reach high impact.


The funding of the RECONMATIC project comes from Horizon Europe.

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