Learn, Engage, Act – Digital Tools to Prevent and Counter Hate Speech Online – LEAD-Online

The project LEAD-Online addresses young people, teachers and media professionals and their ability to think critically and be media literate when it comes to dealing with the problem of hate speech online (HSO).

The aim of the project is to empower participants to become agents of change.

Where does the project aim at?

The approach of LEAD-Online will be piloted in 7 countries and aims to:

  • Develop a Training Programme which will teach participants to recognize hateful discourses and underlying forms of intolerance prejudices and discrimination.
  • Provide social actors with innovative digital tools to classify, decode and counter Hate Speech Online.
  • Open up spaces for discussion of Hate Speech Online, promoting attitudes and behaviours that respect human rights and values.

How does Future Needs participate?

Future Needs Management Consulting participates in the development of the Training Programme, of the Digital Tools and of Discussion Spaces in the LEAD-Online project. Moreover, we will pilot these among young people aged 14-19, educators, journalists, social media activists, b/vloggers, civil society organisations and internet service providers in Cyprus.

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Which actions does Future Needs lead?

Future Needs also leads the work package for communication and dissemination in LEAD-Online project. Our ultimate purpose is to ensure that project deliverables are widely distributed, adopted, and used by beneficiaries and stakeholders. To achieve this, we will create a strong online presence, organize in-person events, and leverage multimedia tools to raise awareness around the problem and the solutions it offers.

What will take place during LEAD-Online?

During the project:

  • Over 4000 young people and educators will participate in interactive learning on the topics of human rights and activism against Hate Speech Online.
  • Digital tools and an online game will be developed and over 3500 users will learn to denounce hate messages in an online environment.
  • Over 1400 participants will engage in more than 20 public LEAD-Online Talks and gain new awareness of the wide implications of Hate Speech Online.
  • All project participants will gain access to international networks and resources for countering hate speech beyond the duration of the project.

LEAD-Online‘s latest Updates

June 2022 | 1st Press Release of the LEAD-Online Project 📰
September 2022 | LEAD-Online Leaflet 📰
February 2023 | 2nd Press Release of the LEAD-Online Project 📰
April 2023 | Deliverable: Hate speech Self-assessment Tool and Hate Speech Ontologies 📰

To learn more about hate speech online and gain self awareness on the issue, check the project’s platform and answer the questionnaire:

Project Facts

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