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In the wake of the pandemic and financial upheaval, women globally have shouldered a disproportionate array of responsibilities, balancing increased job demands with pivotal roles in household care. Despite these efforts, women are notably underrepresented in key positions and are consistently paid less than their male counterparts for equivalent or even greater responsibilities. In 2020, the gender pay gap averaged 13.0% in the European Union and 14.1% in the euro area, varying significantly across Member States. This disparity remains a pressing challenge for the EU. The European Commission urges actions to address segregation in sectors where women dominate, enhance women’s representation in corporate and political decision-making, and improve the work-life balance for both genders. Persistent structural underpayment, gender stereotypes—especially prevalent in STEM fields—and discrimination in all sectors underscore the urgent need for change. EqPay4all stands as a concerted effort to combat the gender pay gap and dismantle associated stereotypes, aiming to foster lasting transformation.

What is Our role in EqPay4all?

Future Needs plays a pivotal role in the development and refinement of the Virtual Think Tank (VTT) platform within this project. As the lead for these activities, Future Needs spearheads the design, development, and translation phases of the VTT, working collaboratively with partner organisations to ensure the platform’s interactive and technically robust nature. Future Needs oversees the identification of technical requirements, designs the graphic interface, and integrates collaborative tools for synchronous and asynchronous engagement. Additionally, Future Needs takes charge of drafting a comprehensive manual that elucidates the VTT’s navigation and technical functionalities. Furthermore, Future Needs leads the critical phase of piloting and fine-tuning the VTT, overseeing the testing process to gauge its effectiveness and usability. Their central role ensures the successful creation, understanding, and optimization of this innovative platform designed to facilitate collaborative efforts and knowledge exchange among diverse bodies and organisations across different countries involved in the project.

Art and Green Activism

What are the objectives of EqPay4all ?

  • Enhance knowledge and skills regarding stereotypes and the right to equal pay for equal work.
  • Combat stereotypes and gender biases within professions and job structures.
  • Heighten awareness and empower women to reduce the gender pay gap.
  • Foster social cohesion among diverse groups for collaborative action on this topic.
  • Promote common values advocating for gender equality, fundamental in Community Law and EU principles.
  • Improve youth employability and advocate for fair treatment at work irrespective of gender.
  • Establish networks committed to actively promoting workplace equality.
  • Align with EU and international priorities addressing gender inequality.
  • Engage project participants as ambassadors spreading awareness about gender inequality in the job market.
Art and Green Activism

The need for gender pay equality

The pursuit of gender pay equality is essential for fostering a fair and inclusive society. Despite significant progress over time, the existence of a gender wage gap highlights persistent disparities that need urgent attention. Addressing this gap goes beyond mere economic equity; it embodies the principles of fairness, opportunity, and societal progress. Achieving true gender pay equality involves identifying and rectifying various factors contributing to the gap, including societal expectations, caregiving roles, job preferences, and potential discrimination. By implementing policies that promote flexible work structures, equal opportunities for career advancement, and challenging societal norms, we pave the way for a more just and equitable future where individuals are valued based on merit and capability, rather than gender.

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