Creativity Tools for Green Citizenship

Green Artivism project aims to offer young people innovative digital artistic tools in order to help the environmental cause regain momentum – after a hault due to Covid 19 pandemic – though without physical protesting. Following the climate strikes in 2018 by youngsters led by Greta Thunberg, the European Green Deal in 2019 and the core values of European Commission’s new European Bauhaus initiative (January 2021), this project visions to help people achieve a just, local, green, economically viable transition through the use of toolkits for collaboration, community building, participation in democratic procedures, literacy and advocacy.

During Green Artivism project the participants will take part in co-op games, a festival and joint-trainings. Under the dissemination umbrella, short plays will be performed outdoors, posters & comics will be presented in public, short films will be submitted to local festivals. Also, storytelling will be included  in local TedX sessions and creative writing posted in local newspapers and EU policy magazines.

Green Artivism addresses to:

  • Youth (aged 16-30 years old).
  • Youth Workers who desire to help the cultural and creative sectors recover from the crisis in terms of green, more digital and resilient recovery.
  • Youth participants, especially those involved with Arts who desire to get informed, trained and well connected so that they can really make a change.

In this project, Future Needs Management Consulting Ltd. will participate with a number of roles in coordination and collaboration with the other partners. We will lead the “GREEN CITIZENSHIP Workshop” and we will be responsible for the tool and the tutorial named “Storytelling through social media”. Future Needs will also design the structure and functions of the “CREATIVITY Web-toolkit” and the “GREEN CITIZENSHIP Workshop” (structure and material development). Finally, Future Needs will develop the material for the session “Local relevance of EGD for me” and will design the Virtual Think Tank.

The Green Artivism project puts the youth in the heart of a digital, creative, empowering process towards a sustainable and resilient future based on the most innovative environmental policy up to today.

Future Needs Management Consulting Ltd. has long experience regarding workshops and conferences and has quite an extended network. Future Needs also always tries to connect young professionals and NGOs working towards the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and the current project fits this role.

The outcomes of the project aim to be: 

For this project, two basic tools have been developed with the core values of the New European Bauhaus – sustainability, aesthetics and inclusiveness. These tools are “CREATIVITY Web-toolkit” and “GREEN CITIZENSHIP Workshop”. The aim of the first is to educate and train youngsters in engaging in active citizenship and most importantly provide them with alternative forms of expression inspired by the Arts and digital trends of our era to uphold the interests of future generations as equal to those of present ones. The aim of the latter is to clearly and comprehensively present the Guidelines that will enable facilitators to deliver the  “GREEN CITIZENSHIP Workshop” worldwide. The aim of the Workshop is to promote international dialogue on the topic of Climate Change and social responsibility. After participating in the project Youth Workers will be able to replicate the Workshop and add further material to the Web-toolkit, while youth participants will become Green Artivists and transfer knowledge acquired to peers while stimulating EGD focused active citizenship initiatives.

The long term impact of the project will be:  

To spark and retain interest on Climate Change via a Virtual Think Tank where young people, youth leaders, youth workers, policy makers and other key actors from different backgrounds will host a dialogue. Participants will be able to host their creations, to network, to find collaborators to implement their project ideas, to foster learning and capacity building between locally rooted organizations and individuals and more mature CSOs and NGOS.

Green Artivism will provide fertile ground for interaction and dialogue even (and especially) under the conditions of social distancing and the travel restrictions that Covid 19 imposed. With the finalisation of this project, it is expected that a cycle of empowerment and advocacy will be established, where more and more youth NGOs and participants will be able to join the Green Artivism network and independently express and fight for their environmental rights and for a better future with a strong, healthy and democratic civil society.


Enabling sustainable oenological practices through a robotic UAS solution for precision viticulture

Oenobotics services will be delivered to customers, such as vineyard farmers or associations, via a hardware-as-a-service business model, supporting them to avoid significant initial investment costs. The Oenobotics hardware and software will also be available to drone companies and interested farmers as an off-the-shelf product. The solution addresses the needs of wine-producing vineyards located in remote sloppy elevated locations that are hard to reach with any machinery.

In particular, the Oenobotics project deploys a droned platform that will provide viticulture farmers the following innovative and affordable precision viticulture services:

  1. Vine disease diagnostics,
  2. Vine water-stress diagnostics, 
  3. Precise spot-spraying for treatment of downy mildew, powdery mildew and grey mould/botrytis;
  4. A wireless and automated drone charging dock.

Oenobotics services will be delivered to customers, such as vineyard farmers or associations, via a hardware-as-a-service business model, supporting them to avoid significant initial investment costs. The Oenobotics hardware and software will also be available to drone companies and interested farmers as an off-the-shelf product. 

Future Needs will coordinate the Minimum Viable Product definition and the service design, as well as  the trials, the user-validation and the fine-tuning of the system. Initially, all the services and the system technical requirements will be described and mockups of the final product and services will be drawn. When the system is built test flights over Kontogiannis Family vineyards with known health state will take place aiming to diagnose correctly plant health state (disease and water-stress diagnosis), spray precisely a liquid (water or a specific biological mix approved by the user) in selected areas and automatically return to and land on the docking station to recharge.

These Oenobotics services will assist vineyard owners in avoiding health impacts of chemicals and heat on vineyard workers, to react much faster to extreme weather changes caused by climate change, and to be more sustainable and profitable by producing yield of better quality, using less pesticides (in case of conventional farming) and producing less CO2 emissions (in case of organic farming). Project results will be demonstrated in an organic vineyard in Greece.

Future Needs is the leader of all the market related activities of the undertaking that include IPR Management and GDPR,  the creation of the product brand and associated promotional material, the organisation of two promotional events in collaboration with DIHs, a marketing campaign for early adoption and ecosystem building and finally a business and financial plan and a preparation for the market entry, to ensure the financial sustainability of the undertaking. An expansion strategy will be established in order to define the means for developing scalable user-centred services and organizational plans (structure, processes) will be created for the new venture that will drive the Oenobotics solution into the market.

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