Athens plenary meeting of the HiDALGO2 partners


Last week, 20 & 21 June we had a productive HiDALGO2 project meeting in Athens, where all project partners gathered for a 2-day extended discussion on our project’s progress and the next important steps. 

We were also introduced to our Advisory Board members at the HiDALGO2 project who will review and provide their input on our next steps. 

On the first day, after a first overview of the whole HiDALGO2 project, we proceeded with more detailed discussions on various topics like management activities, the status of the use cases and tasks related to tackling global challenges, the exascale HPC and HPDA/AI support, the data exploration and visualization, and finally, the outreach, awareness, and impact creation.

The second day of the HiDALGO2‘s consortium meeting for our esteemed project proved to be highly eventful and productive. We began by voting on Grant Agreement changes and finalising remaining arrangements, setting the stage for a unified approach moving forward.

Subsequently, we engaged in comprehensive discussions, analysing the Centre Operation, Dashboard, and Service Offering. Our focus then shifted to the technical roadmap of the project, specifically addressing data analytics requirements for completing the processing workflow related to the pilots. In the afternoon, we split into working groups, presenting and brainstorming on various key issues such as WRF, visualisation tools, and uncertainty quantification. The day concluded with a report on past and ongoing activities, along with a fruitful discussion on forthcoming dissemination events and partner involvement. The second day left us with a sense of accomplishment and strengthened determination as we continue our collaborative efforts towards the project’s success.

The meeting took place in the wonderful working space of Impact HuB Athens and partners had also the opportunity to relax and discuss in a great urban garden on the evening of the 20th

We thank our Greek partner Computing Systems Laboratory (CSLab) from the National Technical University in Athens for the wonderful hosting and whole organisation activities.
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